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Insiders Focus on New Trends of China’s Outbound Tourism

Updated Mar. 3 from Xinhua News Agency, Frankfurt (by Shen Zhonghao) A press and economic conference “Europe as a shopping destination for Chinese travelers”was held in Frankfurt, focusing on new trends of the Chinese outbound tourism industry; it was attended by about 200 persons from China and other countries.

During the press and economic conference insiders generally expressed that, as the market with the largest tourist source globally and the country with the largest number of tourists worldwide that shop overseas, China elaborates an essential role in the global tourism market. At the same time, China’s industry of outbound tourism is changing, individual needs are increasing rapidly and the integration of the outbound tourism industry with retail, internet banking and other industries becomes closer.

In the press and economic conference Feng Bin, the President of UTour Group , mentioned that if the number of Chinese tourists abroad keeps growing sustainably, Chinese tourists’ consumption will also go up. New technologies and ways of thinking revolutionize the whole tourism industry. At the moment China’s outbound tourism industry finds itself in a difficult position, which requires practitioners to be more steadfast and to seize opportunities.

Ren Jun, the vice president of CAISSA, said that China’s outbound tourism sector is witnessing a change in the following three aspects: tourists, market and cooperation. He introduced that more and more cities become sources of large customer groups for the outbound tourism market; hence it is important to focus on customers’ consumption habits and needs. At the same time, Chinese tourists’ demand for a high quality of tourism products and services is constantly increasing; therefore new needs emerge at any time. Meeting personalized needs becomes the new trend of the Chinese market for outbound tourism; customized tourism products are especially appreciated by the market. Furthermore, integration of the tourism industry with the retail, banking and internet sectors becomes closer, which results in more diversified commercial activities and greater possibilities for cooperation.

Yang Yang, the CEO of TRAVEL EASY, pointed out that the Chinese tourists become younger day by day, with a more rational and digital-oriented consumption. To cope with the related changes in Chinese tourists’ needs, TRAVEL EASY started with tax refund, entered a cooperation with Alipay, launched a more convenient and efficient service of tax refund, and has established an operation platform for the consumption of outbound tourism to link Chinese tourism enterprises and German merchants.

The press and economic conference “Europe as a shopping destination for Chinese travelers”was initiated by UTour Group, CAISSAI and TRAVEL EASY, aiming at discussing German-Chinese personnel and tourism exchange, changes in Chinese tourists’ needs due to the European market, overseas expansion of China’s e-business platform, and the question of how to improve the competitiveness of the Chinese tourism sector in Europe.