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Tourists travelling throughout Europe can now enjoy the immediate VAT refund in-store

Today, TAX FREE EASY and Ant Financial Services Group’s leading payment and lifestyle platform Alipay launched the in-store tax refund service TAX FREE COMFORT, beginning a new chapter in the European tax refund sector. From now on tourists don’t have to wait for their tax refund, the money reaches their account within seconds in-store – this fast and easy tax refund method is undoubtedly very good news for Chinese tourists.

TAX FREE EASY joined Alipay to set off a new revolution in the tax refund sector

In recent years, the number of Chinese tourists travelling Europe has constantly increased; Chinese citizens have already become Europe’s driving force in overseas consumption. But little is known about the startling tax losses that Chinese tourists suffer in Europe every year. In this situation, TAX FREE EASY’s convenient tax refund service TAX FREE STANDARD that was launched last year led to a revolution in the tax refund sector. As the first brand that provides Chinese tourists with a tax refund service, TAX FREE EASY offers the highest refund amount, and the most convenient refund process. TAX FREE EASY’s easy and convenient service won the favour of countless tourists.

Starting from this summer, adhering to the concept of enabling Chinese tourists to enjoy a better tax refund service in Europe, TAX FREE EASY and Alipay developed an even closer cooperation and worked together to create the in-store tax refund – an epochal product. The in-store tax refund provides Chinese tourists with a convenient tax refund experience that is beyond their imagination and complies with the low carbon and cashless consumer trend in China. The specific operation process is very simple: when purchasing products in the shop, the tourist uses Alipay Huabei as a guarantee – the tax will return immediately to the tourist’s Alipay account. The tourist can now continue shopping using the amount that has been refunded in-store. When leaving Europe, all that the tourist has to do is obtain a customs stamp; once the tourist arrives back home they send the Tax Refund Form to TAX FREE EASY’s datacentre in Wuhan and as a result the guarantee with Huabei will be terminated.

The in-store tax refund service possesses clear advantages – the “four zeros” – that fully resolve the concerns of Chinese tourists concerning tax refunds.

  • Zero service fees – always tax refund
  • Zero waiting time – immediate in-store tax refund
  • Zero loss – Non-cash tax refund and the zero-fee smart payment gateway through Alipay
  • Zero communication barriers – tax refund with Chinese language customer service

Launching the in-store tax refund led to a shopping frenzy

The first version of the in-store tax refund service has already been launched in the big German duty-free shops apollo and Germanstyle to meet the demands of the current summer peak-time for tourism in Europe. This means that Chinese tourists do not have to wait in line at the airport to process their tax refund, they can just use Alipay Huabei as a guarantee, easily obtain the tax refund amount – which is about twice as much than the amount offered by traditional tax refund companies.

As soon as the in-store tax refund was launched, it set off a shopping frenzy; the Chinese tourists travelling to Europe during the current summer season are lucky enough to be the first beneficiaries of the new in-store tax refund. TAX FREE EASY is committed to provide Chinese tourists with the ultimate tax refund experience and is now able to offer its in-store tax refund service in an increasing number of countries and through more and more merchants.

Kind Reminder: Although the in-store tax refund service can help the tourist to receive the refund amount immediately, the tourist still has to obtain a customs stamp on the Tax Refund Form at the airport. After having arrived back home, using the envelope provided by TAX FREE EASY, the tourist sends the Tax Refund Form and the original invoice to TAX FREE EASY’s datacentre by courier.

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