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If this is your first time to apply for a full tax refund and have questions not yet answered, we recommend that you take a look at the Practical Information we cordially provided for you first.
Do’s and don’ts during the tax refund process, tips of using Alipay account, customs requirement details… everything can be found in our Practical Information. Such information will help ease your tax refund process.

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1. Travel Easy Innovation GmbH provides a service and associated services or similar services whereby we gather information from Shoppers not residing in the area where the product is bought in order to process that information to allow visitors to obtain an export refund (VAT or equivalent tax paid at the point of sale). The following Terms & Conditions apply:

a) We may use your information for research purposes to help improve the quality of our service.

b) We may be required to share information with our subsidiaries, Government departments and/or tax & customs authorities for the purpose of fraud prevention, legal & regulatory requirements.

c) We may need to transfer your information outside the EEA to provide our service.

d) Such process will be in compliance with German Data Federal Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG).

e) You have the right to request a copy of information we hold about you (for which we may charge you a fee) and to have inaccuracies corrected.

2. We comply with the principles set out by the relevant data protection laws to ensure the highest level of data security and privacy.

3. The visitor will comply with all regulations applicable to the service and as described by us.

4. The ability to obtain an export refund is subject to local customs (or its equivalent in the country of export) approval and the visitor is solely responsible for obtaining such approval. We are not liable for the approval or stamping/signing of documents by customs or any other authorities. We are not liable if documentation is lost, if applicable it is the shopper’s responsibility to provide proof of delivery of such documentation should any dispute arise. We endeavor to make your refund as soon as possible; however, we are not liable if a delay occurs.

5. The visitor must claim eligibility to use the Retail Export Scheme. There are heavy penalties for false declaration. The visitor must confirm that their details are correct and must comply with each jurisdiction’s rules. We may require additional information to support the claim in certain circumstances. Where we suspect that a fraud or attempted fraud is being perpetrated we reserve the right not to refund.

6. In some jurisdictions, the visitor acquires the goods from us. Where this is the case, this will be clear on the face of the Voucher issued to the tourist. We have assigned our Legal Rights and Statutory Rights in the goods to the visitor/consignee in consideration of the visitor/consignee undertaking not to take any action or in any way hold us liable against any liability or loss or damage whether direct or indirect due to a defective nature of the goods. However, in no event will the tourist’s Legal Rights or Statutory Rights in the goods be compromised.

7. Any complaint regarding the goods should be made to the retailer in the first instance, since the shopper acknowledges that under this agreement we have assigned all our rights under our contract with the retailer to the visitor and the shopper also understands that in the event of a claim being made against us, the retailer has indemnified us in respect of our liability for the goods howsoever arising. Nothing in this agreement shall affect the shopper’s common law or statutory rights as a consumer. German law is the proper law of the contract between the shopper and us.

8. Should you have any issue with the goods, you should direct your concern to the retailer. Their policies in relation to returning goods will apply to you.

9. For providing the Tax Free service, we charge the shopper a processing fee for each transaction. This processing fee varies depending on the amount you have spent. By signing the form and/or using this service the shopper accepts and expressly authorizes that a service charge is deducted from the Value Added Tax amount refundable.

10. We cannot refund on store purchase receipts alone, a stamped tax free form is mandatory.

11. The right to receive a refund and our documentation cannot be assigned to another Tax Free service provider.

12. Goods must be personally exported within 3 months from the end of the month of purchase. In some jurisdictions, this period may be shorter or longer; you are responsible for complying with this timeline.

13. The statement ‘The Shopper hereby understands and confirms that the credit card nominated to credit the VAT refund is the same used for the payment of the goods described’ must be deleted on the form where the tax refund is to be made to a different credit card than that used to make the original purchase.

14. TRAVEL EASY operates a Foreign Exchange Policy for its customers when processing certain refunds:

a) Where possible, refunds will be processed in the customers local currency.

b) For a refund in a different currency than the currency in which the purchase occurred, the following is applied:

I. The current ‘we sell’ rates of a recognised European Retail Bank plus a markup of between 3-5%.

II. Certain Credit Card companies/Banks may apply additional charges for processing refunds through their network.

III. Cash refund desks may apply their own conversion rates when converting from the local currency to the currency of your choice. Please always ask for details.

c) Shoppers who choose an immediate tax discount in-store or obtain a cash refund in advance of export certification, will be subject to a minimum processing fee where TRAVEL EASY does not receive a valid tax refund form within 21 days. This fee will be added to the amount debited from your card in accordance with the signed agreement at the time of discount or refund.

d) If the shopper sends the validated Tax Free Forms to TRAVEL EASY without or insufficient postage, we are allowed to reduce the refund-amount with the occurred costs.

e) A refund will not be made where a retailer who has issued a form has not complied with contractual obligations to TRAVEL EASY.

f) paid in connection with obtaining the validation of your TFS Form at Vienna Airport (Austria) by DEV Digital Export Validation (working on behalf of Austrian Customs), an amount of €3.00 will be deducted from the tax refund or your provided payment method.

15. Jurisdiction and country specific rules may apply. You are responsible for complying with these rules.