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To celebrate Chinese New Year, receive a special gift when you spend 300€ or more at Tory Burch

At Tory Burch in Munich, you’ll get a beautiful, stylish scarf for free when purchasing at the store for over 300 euros – and a tax refund with TAX FREE EASY.

With its unique design aesthetics and rich and varied style, Tory Burch grew from a fledgling fashion luxury brand to become one of the best luxury brands in the United States and the world within just 10 years. Tory Burch was founded by its chairman, chief executive officer and chief creative officer Tory Burch. A perfect mix of detail and classic design ideas can be found in all aspects of the boutique’s garments, shoes, handbags, accessories, household goods and fragrances. In 2004 the company opened a small boutique on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. Since its foundation, the brand’s classic and bohemian aesthetics have been appealing to the fashionable.

Bringing fashion vitality from New York to Germany

The first Tory Burch store in Germany, which opened in Munich in 2014, covers an area of almost 250 square meters and is divided into two stories. The exterior is a blend of vibrant orange and gleaming brass shelves, giving a luxurious impression. At the same time, the store in Munich continues the simple but luxurious style of the store in New York, the fashion capital. In line with the brand’s style, the interior decoration shows bright colours and strong textures: exquisite, bohemian carpets with classical patterns, dark green sofas with a retro flair, and oak tea tables bring out the exquisiteness and sophistication of the brand’s designs. Ready-to-wear, handbags, footwear, eyewear, watches, accessories, perfumes and home accessories are all on available at Munich.

Enjoy a special New Year treat at Tory Burch

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year as well as the Valentine’s Day, you will be able to receive an exclusive Tory Burch scarf with any purchase over €300 or more. (pictures of scarf, scarf size and material will be explained below)

In order to kick off the Chinese New Year with a festive atmosphere, the scarf’s colour is Chinese red, with a generous, stylish and youthful design. The recurring motif of a black dog mirrors this year’s theme – the year of the dog. In addition, the Tory Burch store in Munich has an agreement with TAX FREE EASY, letting you enjoy the tax refund when shopping, equivalent to a discount of 16% on your purchase. As a result, when shopping for 300 euros, you will not only get a stylish scarf for free, but also receive a tax refund meaning that you only spend 252 euros!

Location of the Tory Burch boutique in Munich
Address: Theatinerstrasse 44, 80333 Munich
Business hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Arrival: Near Odeonsplatz

The tax refund – fast and without hassle

Compared to conventional tax refund services, TAX FREE EASY has absolute advantages when it comes to the amount of tax refund received.

At the Tory Burch store in Munich you can enjoy the fastest tax refund service with the best value in Europe – TAX FREE EASY. Using TAX FREE EASY is equivalent to receiving a discount of 16% on all goods (including discounted goods)!
Compared to traditional tax refund services, the refund rate is higher when using TAX FREE EASY.

In addition, the process is much more convenient; the TAX FREE EASY eCard will be activated within 10 seconds. Show the eCard to the shop assistant and the tax refund form will be generated instantly.

When someone else’s tax refund form is still on the way, your refund amount is already in your pocket! Remember to like us if you were pleased with our service.

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