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“TRAVEL EASY is a Facilitation for the Travel-retain Market” – TRAVEL EASY as Exhibitor at ITB China 2018

Recently, the world’s largest tourism convention ITB (Internationale Tourismus Börse) along with the co-host Travel Daily successfully held the international tourism fair ITB China 2018 at the Shanghai Expo Gallery.

ITB China is the new B2B tourism fair of ITB, after the fair was ran smoothly for the first time in 2017, the second grand session took place in Shanghai from the 16th of May until the 18th of May 2018, the three-days long event focused on the Chinese tourism market. This time, ITB China has carefully selected over 850 top buyers from Greater China, in order to gather industry experts from all over the world, to discuss in depth the new trends of the outbound travel industry.

TRAVEL EASY from Germany took part in the international tourism fair ITB China 2018, organized by the world’s largest convention ITB (Internationale Tourismus Börse) and the co-host Travel Daily.

At the fair, TRAVEL EASY brought their ecosystem to the Chinese market for the first time, offering an outstanding solution to the tourism market after the EU general data protection regulation, GDPR, has been strictly enforced. In the industry’s four major areas of service providers, including financial services, outbound travel services, retail companies and destination services, TRAVEL EASY provides the corresponding innovative and technological products and solutions to jointly enhance the Chinese tourists’ duty-free shopping experience.

To solve the main problems of the traditional tax refund industry, TRAVEL EASY introduced the concept of a tax refund. Chinese tourists can obtain a tax refund when using TRAVEL EASY’s smart tax refund product Tax Free Easy. through their smart tax refund products. These are undoubtedly good news for Chinese consumers visiting Europe.

At ITB China, TRAVEL EASY’s booth attracted many buyers. Mr. Yang Yang, CEO of TRAVEL EASY and Operating Director Mrs. Sandra Servos instructed the colleagues to introduce their products to buyers. Many guests who come to Europe’s top shopping resources are attracted by the advanced ecosystem of overseas shopping resources and the tax refund Tax Free Easy.

They all expressed that they can provide customers with better shopping resources, and that the customer can receive a tax refund without any processing fee either on the Alipay or the UnionPay account quickly and easily, bringing a better shopping experience and an improved competitiveness of the tourism industry.

Operating Director Mrs. Sandra Servos gave a Keynote Speech at ITB China: “The new ecosystem for the travel-retail industry”. During the speech, she analyzed the European market situation and the latest industry trends. The trends for Chinese tourists visiting Europe show that the proportion of Chinese tourists consuming in Europe increased year by year.

She said that according to the latest data of the European Tourism Commission from 2017, more than 12 million people from China traveled to Europe, and the average person spent 3,754 US dollars on their travels, of which the most was spent on shopping (total amount excluding tour fares and transportation costs). The number of travelers from the Chinese middle class as well as the number of individual travelers increases constantly. Therefore, they no longer focus on luxury shopping; high-end lifestyle products are becoming more and more popular. Mobile payments have also become increasingly more popular. It is the preferred payment method for the majority of Chinese tourists in Europe.

In her speech, Sandra explained the advantages of the services offered by TRAVEL EASY’s intelligent ecosystem. “The TRAVEL EASY Ecosystem provides tourists with a more convenient tax refund and ensures zero tax losses. It provides tourism companies with more tourism resources and new cooperation partners and tour guides with a more convenient tour group management. The Ecosystem offers more effective marketing models to the European retail industry and attracts more Chinese tourists. TRAVEL EASY’s solutions can help the industry’s peers to more easily achieve legal compliance, and can save high costs of compliance due the new GDPR regulations. The partners that are part of the Ecosystem will benefit from a reasonable and consistent solution, standardized collaborative processes, and easy cooperation with top resources in various countries in Europe. ”

Sandra concluded the speech saying, “Travel easy with TRAVEL EASY!”.

TRAVEL EASY’s speech has received the attention of ITB China News, the organizer’s media. Not only did the magazine use the speech as a reason to interview Sandra, it also published a full-page report on TRAVEL EASY the same day. The title of the article was “Helping Chinese Tourists to ‘TRAVEL EASY’”. In the article itself TRAVEL EASY was describes as follows: “TRAVEL EASY is a FinTech company that is able to connect the tourism industries in Europe and China. They created a valuable for travel agencies, European retailers and tourists. They strive to receive win-win results that create more value.”
The speech also attracted a lot of industry peers, who surrounded Sandra after the speech to ask her questions.

During this year’s ITB China, the German company TRAVEL EASY made a very good appearance while enabling more industry peers to understand not only TRAVEL EASY’s ecosystem, but also the impact of the European Union’s GDPR on travels to Europe, and the concept of the tax refund Tax Free Easy. At the same time TRAVEL EASY realized new strategic partnerships. We are looking to TRAVEL EASY providing the travel-retail industry with more innovative products in 2019, increasing the shopping experience of Chinese tourists in Europe and helping travel agencies travel agencies to stand out in the highly competitive travel market.

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