Digital Validation at Vienna International Airport

Tourists whose final exit point from the EU is Vienna International Airport must digitally validate their Tax Free Form(s) via DEV.

DEV (Digital Export Validation) digitally validates exported goods on behalf of Austrian Customs as of the 1st of September, 2021.

To learn more about how to digitally validate your Tax-Free forms, please visit the DEV website. (

For each form digitally processed by DEV, a service fee of € 3 or € 7 will be charged.

Type of Tax Free form
€7 If your form is a manual Tax-Free form (non-digital form), you cannot validate your form via the self-validation process (mobile or kiosk). This is because all or some required details were not digitally registered when issuing the form. This missing information needs to be manually updated by DEV personnel and EUR 7 is charged by DEV in form of a service fee.

According to Austrian law, the export validation at Vienna International Airport must be carried out on a purely digital level. This means that all details of your manual form(s) need to be digitally recorded in order for the manual form to be validated electronically. The QR code slip which you receive after the validation of your manual Tax Free form is the physical representation of the digital export validation.

€3 If your form is a digital Tax-Free form, the required details which were registered when issuing the form so you can use the self-service validation process (mobile or kiosk). In this case, EUR 3 service fee will be deducted from your refund by TAX FREE EASY through one of the following refund methods:

1. Sending the digitally validated Tax Free form(s) to the TAX FREE EASY Processing Centre (Mailback refund service).
2. Once your form is digitally validated via DEV Digital Export Validation (working on behalf of Austrian Customs), an amount of EUR 3 will be deducted from the tax refund or your provided payment method.