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The TaxFreeEasy App has just been launched

With the arrival of summer, the European travel market entered the busy season. In order to provide Chinese tourists with the best possible tax refund experience, TAX FREE EASY launched an App to assist with the tax refund. The App helps Chinese travellers in Europe to fully understand the relevant tax refund information and functions, and to easily check their tax refund status at any time and place. From the perspective of those Chinese who love to travel and shop in Europe, following the launch of TAX FREE COMFORT, this is undoubtedly good news again.

Tax Free Easy App – Perfect combination in reaction to increasing digitalization and shopping frenzies

In recent years, the regular usage of mobile devices has become an inherent part of Chinese people’s everyday life – they can really be called a population with a strong preference for digitalization.
According to research data, Chinese travellers rank first in the world when it comes to relying on their mobile phones; 87% of the respondents stated that they take their phones with them when travelling.
Shopping is a key topic for Chinese tourists who travel abroad. 41% of the Chinese respondents claimed that they take an extra suitcase with them for the purpose of shopping; compared to a global average of 30%, this percentage shows that shopping is still a major topic for Chinese tourists.
TAX FREE EASY reacted to the Chinese’s particularities – the fast digitalization as well as the enthusiasm for shopping abroad – and produced an App that solves Chinese tourists’ concerns about tax refunds when shopping in Europe.

TAX FREE EASY App optimizes the tax refund experience

TRAVEL EASY launched the tax refund service TAX FREE EASY in 2016. As soon as it was launched, because of its zero fees, great convenience, major impact and other advantages, the App was favoured by countless Chinese tourists and helps them to easily receive their tax refund amount and let go of slow and cost intensive traditional refund methods where they can easily lose their tax refund form. The TAX FREE EASY App can be seen as a further optimization of the product TAX FREE EASY – like the icing on the cake:

  • Exclusive eCard for tax refunds: A lot of tourists’ headaches stem from having to fill out the tax refund form when going through the traditional tax refund process. Filling out the form by hand is not only inconvenient – often the forms have to be filled out several times. Wrongly entered information is a common problem. For this reason, the TAX FREE EASY App has an exclusive function which creates a tax refund eCard. After the tourist has downloaded the App and scanned their passport, the App generates an individual QR Code – the tax refund eCard. When the tourist shops in the store, they only have to pass the QR Code on to the shop assistant who scans it. The tax refund form including the tourist’s individual information will be generated within seconds; the tourist does not need to fill out a form by hand again. The eCard saves time and hassles.
  • Hot topics to keep yourself informed: For a lot of Chinese tourists, the European tax refund system is still a black spot. In order to help the Chinese tourists with their tax refund, the TAX FREE EASY App collected detailed information on the tax refund strategies in the different European countries. Because most tourists are unfamiliar with the airports and the relevant language spoken in the country, most of them already had an experience where the heavy luggage had to be dragged back and forth through the airport in search of a customs counter. To solve this problem, the TAX FREE EASY App released an article on customs regulations which helps tourists to find the locations of customs counters in any big airport and to receive the customs stamp fast and smoothly. Furthermore the App gives detailed guidance when it comes to the problem of the Alipay real name authentication. With the TAX FREE EASY App tourists can easily and fast grasp all necessary information on tax refunds.
  • Real-time push messages on tax refund information: All along, being able to track down the status of the own tax refund form and receiving a notice on the status of the own tax refund process in real-time has been the primary demand of many tourists – but it has not been realized. Because the tourists are unable to determine the status of their tax refund process after having returned home, they can only worry and wait. Due to various problems like the loss of tax refund forms in mail, it may well happen that the refund amount is not refunded at all. The inability to attain information about the situation gives the tourists headaches. The App’s function which provides tourists with real-time push messages on their tax refund status finally frees tourists from the worry that the tax refund form could get lost. After the tax refund form has been generated in the store, whenever the refund progresses in any way, the App will send a push message to the tourist’s mobile phone about the latest progress made. Through this function, the tourist has a deep understanding about the real-time status of their tax refund. Of course, the tourist can also log onto the App actively and look up the progress made as well as the status of the tax refund. In this manner, after having returned home, tourists no longer have to put up with unnecessary concerns.

Where to download the TaxFreeEasy App?

Visit the App store which is installed on your mobile phone – search for “Yi Quan Tui“ and click „download“ . Or click directly on the following links:

Tips:Although the store back to the service can help visitors get tax immediately, but the tourists still need to return to the airport before the completion of the tax customs seal. After returning home will complete the customs seal of the tax rebate and shopping tickets into the original easy to return to the back to the envelope, courier to easy to withdraw all the data center in China.

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