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TAX FREE EASY and Alipay established strategic cooperation to Provide Chinese Tourists with Tax Refund Services

TAX FREE EASY established a strategic cooperation with Alipay, the world-leading third-party payment and lifestyle platform under the Ant Financial Services Group, seeking to improve the tax refund experience of Chinese tourists during shopping in Europe. From August 2016, Chinese tourists may be entitled to a tax refund through TAX FREE EASY during shopping in Europe, with no service fees and an optimal exchange rate guaranteed. Tourists will receive the tax refund through their Alipay accounts within 5-7 working days.

As an innovative tax refund service offered by TRAVE EASY and the official tax refund partner of Alipay, TAX FREE EASY provides the best services for Chinese tourists during shopping in Europe; it is the first brand in Europe that offers tax free services to Chinese tourists.

As early as the beginning of 2015, TRAVEL EASY established a cooperation relation with Alipay. As the first integrated service provider of Alipay in Europe, it opens a door for over 450 million Alipay users to conveniently pay bills in the most famous duty-free shops in Frankfurt, Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle and Cologne using Alipay. Now, TRAVEL FREE further cooperated with Alipay on the matter of tax refund, seeking to provide Chinese tourists with a revolutionary tax refund and true “duty-free” shopping.

TAX FREE EASY Preferred By Tourists Shopping In Europe
A Convenient Way to Save Your Money During Shopping

The fussy procedures, long waiting times and the non-Chinese speaking support of conventional tax refund services cause Chinese tourists to give up tax refund after shopping in Europe. EU member states exempt Chinese tourists from VAT, but the benefits of these rights are significantly reduced. For example, in Germany, a product of 119 EUR will correspond to a tax refund of 19 EUR on the shopping receipt; after conventional tax refund procedures only half of the original 19 EUR will be left.

tax refund offered by TAX FREE EASY vs. Conventional Tax Refund

  • Highest percentage of tax refund
    TAX FREE EASY charges no fees against tourists and guarantees tax refund. Tourists will receive their tax refund through Alipay, without having to pay service fees arising from cash tax refund services at the airport or exchange rate risk. The 19 EUR listed on the shopping receipt as tax refund will reach the Chinese tourists entirely. Moreover, TAX FREE EASY requires no minimum consumption; hence Chinese tourists don’t have to consume more only to reach a specific amount. Every Cent the tourists spend is captured by the tax refund service.
  • Shortest tax refund period
    TAX FREE EASY has a data center in Wuhan and will complete all tax refund procedures within 5-7 working days upon confirmation of tax form and shopping receipt.
  • Easiest tax refund procedure
    Only three steps are required to conclude the tax refund procedure: receive the tax refund form in the shop; get the form sealed by customs; after arriving back home, send the form to our data center using an express company. In addition, TAX FREE EASY also offers a tax refund form in the Chinese language, Chinese-speaking customer service in Europe and China as well as a convenient tax refund through Alipay and convenient mailing through SF-express. Tourists can monitor the tax refund progress in real time on the official website of TAX FREE EASY.

Compared to conventional tax refund services, TAX FREE EASY has absolute advantages when it comes to the amount of tax refund received.

Win-win Cooperation to Lead the Revolution in Tax Refund Service Industry

In the coming months, TAX FREE EASY will further strengthen their strategic cooperation with Alipay. Through this win-win-cooperation, Chinese tourists are expected to enjoy an even more flexible, convenient and personalized tax refund service in the near future.

After launching the tax refund service offered by TAX FREE EASY, a shopping frenzy emerged immediately. The reliable and convenient services are well received by tourists. TAX FREE EASY has committed itself to provide Chinese tourists with perfect tax refund services and is currently extending this service to more countries and merchants.

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