tax refund, only three steps

01. Obtain the tax refund form at the store
Obtain the TAX FREE EASY Tax Refund Form at the store when paying for your shopping. Double check to make sure your personal information is correct, and sign where it is marked.

Please double check to make sure that all the shopping bills and receipts are stuck on or stapled at the back of the TAX FREE EASY Tax Refund Form.Valid and complete shopping documents are essential for getting the highest amount of tax refund.

Your full name, nationality and passport number are required information. The optional information of your mobile phone number will help us to contact you immediately if necessary.
02. Get the customs stamp
Your trip before exiting the country, please make enough time for the customs stamp to avoid delaying. Please do not check in the refundable goods before receiving the customs stamps.

This is because the customs officers are required to check the tax refundable items. Please remember not to check in those items directly together with your luggage.

After receiving the stamps on the full tax refund form from the customs officers, you’ll be able to board the flight without having to line up at the airport for any more procedures.
03. Mail the Tax Refund Form in China
In order to ensure the optimal time-effectiveness, please Mail the Tax Refund Form to TAX FREE EASY's Chinese Data Center via SF Express after coming back to China.

Please leave the sender's mobile phone number in the lower right corner of the envelope. This will help us to contact the sender immediately when it’s necessary.

TAX FREE EASY's Chinese Data Center is the only official designated address for tax refund forms. Please ensure that the mailing address is accurate.


tax shop seconds arrival

01.Inform the staff that you wish to enjoy TAX FREE EASY IN-STORE
If you have chosen TAX FREE EASY IN-STORE please inform the staff when paying at the counter. But first of all, make sure that you have previously registered for Alipay Ant Credit Pay and that your credit line is sufficient to cover the VAT amount.

After you informed the staff, please open Alipay on your mobile device. You can also scan a bar code in the store to register for Alipay Ant Credit Pay.

Alternatively, you can complete this operation by opening the function “Payment” in Alipay, clicking “Me” and then selecting “Ant Credit Pay”. Either way, make sure that your remaining credit line is sufficient.
02.Receive tax refund form along with tax refund amount
After it has been verified that the remaining credit line of your Alipay account is sufficient, show the Alipay payment QR-Code to the staff, complete the pre-authorization for Alipay Ant Credt Pay and receive your high amount tax refund immediately.

Following the tax refund, you will receive your tax refund form. Make sure that your personal data is correct and sign the form.

Please ensure that all invoices have been stapled or glued onto the back of the tax refund form. The valid invoice is a precondition for receiving a tax refund.
03.Receive the customs stamp at the airport
When returning home, please schedule enough time at the airport to obtain the customs stamp to avoid delays. Please don’t check-in the purchased product with your luggage before obtaining the customs stamp.

According to the regulations, customs is entitled to examine the purchased good. At some airports you can only obtain the customs stamp after having passed through the security check. Please confirm the specific situation at the airport before checking in.

After you obtained the customs stamp, you can board the plane. There is no need for you to queue for further tax refund procedures.
04.Send the tax refund form to our datacenter in China
After having arrived back home, please place the tax refund form with a valid customs stamp as well as the original invoice into the provided TAX FREE EASY envelope and send it to the TAX FREE EASY datacentre via SF Express within 30 days after pre-authorization/purchase.

The TAX FREE EASY datacentre is the only official postal address of TAX FREE EASY in China. Please make sure that your tax refund form will be send to the right address.

If the tax refund form does not have a customs stamp or does not arrive in time, you have to repay the VAT amount in order to unfreeze your credit line with Alipay Ant Credit Pay.



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