Tax Refund Process in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands the VAT tax rate for most of the products is 21%. For a small number of products like books, medicine, food and drinks the tax rate is 6%. The tax rate will be shown on the invoice.

If you wish to receive a tax refund you just have to fulfill the following conditions:

At one day and in one store the purchase amount must be at least 40 Euros (incl. VAT).
The buyer must not be a European citizen and must not visit Europe for more than 3 months.

What kind of regulations apply for tax refund products?

1)Goods for which a tax refund is not possible: souvenir drawings.
2)The purchased goods have to stay unopened and must be taken out of the country within three months of purchase (no later than the last day of the third month after the purchase month).
3)The goods have to be taken along in the tourist’s luggage (hand luggage or checked-in luggage). The reason for this is that goods which were purchased abroad and were then sent by post or intermediary agencies are eligible for a tax refund.
Remember: You are eligible for a refund if you purchased the goods yourself, left them unopened and carried them with you in your luggage back to China.

Three easy steps with TAX FREE EASY:

    1. Receive the tax refund form
      When you pay for your purchase at the store, please receive the TFE tax refund form. Make sure that your personal information on the form are correct and sign the form on the designated line.Please check if all invoices have been stapled or glued onto the back of the TFE tax refund form. Sending a valid invoice together with the tax refund form is a necessary precondition for receiving a tax refund.If the purchase took place at the same store and within no more than two days, you can combine all receipts/invoices in one tax refund form. The gross amount of every purchase must be at least 75.01 Euros.Name, nationality and passport number are the necessary information on the form. If you fill in your mobile number, we can contact you immediately in case there is a problem with your refund documents.
    2. Obtain the customs stamp
      When you leave the country, please plan in enough time to go to the customs counter and receive a customs stamp on the refund form – we don’t want your trip to be delayed! According to the regulations, the customs officers are entitled to examine the purchased good. Therefore, please don’t check the luggage in before you visit the customs counter.
    3. Send the tax refund form
      To ensure a high effectiveness, as soon as you are back in China, please send the tax refund form to our datacenter in China using SF Express.The TAX FREE EASY datacenter is the only official postal address of TAX FREE EASY in China. Please make sure that your tax refund form will be send to the right address.

Room 308, 3rd Floor
Optical Valley Software Park F1
Wuhan Hongshan District Guanshan Ave
China 430073

Useful tips:

  1. Customs stamp necessary
    For receiving a tax refund, it is mandatory that the refund form has a customs stamp.
    Note: If the customs counter is not open because it is too early or too late, please do not worry. There will always be a notice with contact information. You can contact the officer on duty and they will process your tax refund form.
  2. Original invoice needed
    The original invoice must be attached to the tax refund form when sending the documents to our datacenter. In order to receive a tax refund, a valid and original invoice is a precondition. After having received the customs stamp, please don’t tear the invoice off the tax refund form.
  3. Products must stay unopened
    In principle, at the customs counter, the customs officer will check if the product is intact and unopened. This is the case for any product, also food, medicine, candy etc. If the product has already been used or is open, the customs officer will refuse to place a customs stamp on the refund form. Without a valid customs stamp, you are not entitled to receive a tax refund.